Sunday, October 12, 2008

And the winner is.............

Recently a polling was going in my blog with a question
Which is BETTER than the BEST ? comparing the massive deadly rocking hits of 2008

Naakka Mukka from the movie Kadhalil Vizhunden


Taxi Taxi From the movie Sakkarakatti

And the winner after 500 valuable votes from my visitors is
TAXI TAXI - The one class song from the Mozart of Asia
Naaka Mukka....
223 (43%)
Taxi Taxi....
277 (56%)

Trivia: But i actually voted for Nakka Mukka... The damn energetic song I've ever heard, but Taxi is not a less competent with it.

And the next controversial polling is ready for now... Check out the top right of this page.

Which song did you like my friend? :)

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