Wednesday, October 1, 2008


From today Oct 2, the central government will be strictly enforcing the new no-smoking policy in all indoor and private places all over the country. See below, these are the list of places Where you can smoke and places where you cannot smoke.

Where You can’t smoke Where You can freely smoke
1) Near the office buildingParking zonesOffice terraceOffice corridorBus standsRailway stations

2. Airports

3. Nursing homes

4. Restaurants

5. Hotels

6. Bars

7. Cafes shops

8. Pubs

9. Amusement and public parks

10. Theater

11.Shopping malls

12. Sports complex

13. Public means of transport

etc, etc…

TotallyNO SMOKING in public areas……

1. Designated areas and smoking zones of hotels, cafes, bars and pubs , Inside your home , Terrace of your home building, Open parking lots, inside Private vehicle

This law has a lot of appreciation among the public, and making it from Gandhi Jayanthi makes it more perfect.


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