Friday, June 12, 2009


Hi friends, sorry. I am releasing this post after a long time since it was released, but please adjust I hope you all like my posts these days, well keeping watching..... Stay in touch we (U and Me) are just going to ROCK..... :)
Songs Track list:

1. Intro (Vetri Kalainjan)
2. Kavithai Gundar Feat. Yogi B
3. Thaniye Feat. Neha Bhasin (Mumbai)
4. Bad Boy Feat. MC Loga & Sara
5. Without You Feat. Mista Gee
6. Vel Vel Feat. Masta K, Kalai Kodi & Sara
7. Chahathey Feat. Neha Bhasin (Hindi)
8. Enna Sangathy Feat. Shamini
9. Khadal Kaviyeh Feat. Mista Gee and MC Loga
10. Aayutha Ezuthu Feat. Psycho Mantra & Dayal
11. Look Wat Happened (HIV) Feat.
12. Nuvu Feat. Neha Bhasin (Telugu)
13. Uptown Feat. Young Ruff

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and download the torrent enjoy the movie :)

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Anand said...

I like kavithai-gundargal album very much, and i love to hear it all the times...... thanks for kavithai gundars

renmathew said...

thank you