Sunday, June 14, 2009


It looks like the KAADHALIL VIZHUNDHEN part 2. The same rocking couples have come up with another movie from the strongest banner, SUN productions, who can make any movie into a mega block buster with their promos in all sun network channels. Well the songs have come up well, let us wait and watch for the movie.

Songs Track Lists :

01. Nacka Romba Nacka -- Benny Dayal, Rita
02. Odi Odi Vilayadu --- Emcee Jesz, Suvi, Mukesh
03. Chiku Chiku Boom --- Keerthi Sagathia Feji, Baby Harini
04. Dora Dora ---------- Balram, Kalyani
05. O Divya O Divya ---- Shaan

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