Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bodhidharma - 7am Arivu Suriya character

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In the movie 7am arivu, Suriya plays the role of Bodhi dharman who lives in the 4th century in China. Back in 21st century, he is been re-incarnated genetically to destroy the evil forces and to spread goodness, and importance of Martial arts.

Bodhi Dharman:
Bodhi Dharman is supposed to be a Tamil Prince from Pallava dynasty, who lived during the period (420-479 AD). He was born and brought up in our Very own Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu). Bodhi dharman who had an immensely close attachment to Buddhism, left his Dynasty to his siblings and moved to China, where he actually started a spreading the martial art which is now known as 'Shaolin - Yin Jing'. Which later was modified as Kung -fu. But the martial art which was found by Bodhi dharman was the source for almost all the martial arts.

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